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Wholesale seafood is an ideal way to meet your needs if you own a restaurant or are in the restaurant supply business. Buying at market price can really hurt your bottom line, especially as fish fluctuate in and out of season. A wholesaler is someone who either works on behalf of a group of fishermen or is one.

A wholesale seafood seller is willing to take less for their catch than they could conceivably get by going to market with it in exchange for the assurance that their catch will sell before they get it. They work with restaurants across the country to sell a certain amount of fish, and then ensure that they bring enough in to meet the orders they have.

A restaurant owner or supplier should easily be able to see the advantages offered by wholesale seafood. At bulk rates, you can ensure that you will always have enough fish for the weekend dinner special, or the menu favorite.  And since you’ll be paying much less than market rates for your fish, you can remain confident that your prices will be the best they can be.