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How long have we been fishing as a species?
We have been fishing for about the last thirty five thousand years. While mankind was organized into hunter-gatherer societies, the most permanent dwellings they had were at fishing sites. Even these sites were not permanently inhabited, but they had been permanently made, so that the fishermen had a place to stay when the season for fishing came again. Every ancient culture depicts the catching and consumption of fish, starting with the Egyptians.

Why is sushi so popular?
Sushi originated with Japanese culture, and it is popular both for its vivid colors and great flavors. Fish is still primarily caught in the wild, where disease is much less of a danger than in farm-raised populations of animals. This helps to explain why it is safe to eat raw fish, but not generally considered safe to eat raw poultry or pork.

How does online seafood work?
If you choose to order your seafood online, the order is usually placed with a third party that will find a fisherman that will bring in what you want. The third party company then ships the fresh catch from the fisherman’s port of call to your designated shipping location. The fish can actually be kept alive through the shipping by combining just enough water to cover the fish and a refrigerated container to keep the water just above freezing, meaning that the catch is as fresh as if you took a walk out to the pier to buy it yourself.