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Welcome to! Our site is dedicated to the love of seafood. The sea has been a food source for mankind since before we even settled into coastal fishing communities, shortly after farming communities sprung up. Ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome all made use of the bounty of the ocean, and today that tradition continues around the world. Today fishing is estimated to employ more than 500 million people, and that figure only looks to rise as populations expand. But what exactly is seafood?

In short, seafood is any edible thing that comes from the sea. There are a variety of ways it can come to you as a customer. Some animals are kept alive from the time they are caught until they reach you, such as live lobster or crab. In the orient, live octopus is considered a delicacy for sushi connoisseurs. Another popular method is to ship frozen seafood. Fish spoils very rapidly, making it difficult for companies to transport recently caught fish far from the sea. Freezing, when done right, does very little to affect the flavor or consistency of the fish, but it prevents the fish from spoiling, which allows it to be shipped nearly anywhere.

The hunter-gatherer society not only hunted migratory herds like buffalo, they also fished. In fact, the first permanently constructed residences were located near areas suitable for fishing, before the invention of pottery and farming. The ancient fishermen used harpoons primarily, while the hook method of fishing didn’t evolve until later on.
Today we have more than enough technology to follow and catch any breed of fish we desire. From live lobster to frozen seafood, the modern consumer can take their choice from the bounty of the sea.  However, we face a different set of challenges in industrial pollution and overfishing, both of which endanger the entire oceanic food chain. Careful fishing practices can eliminate the capture of unintended species in fishing nets. The most famous example of this is dolphin friendly tuna fishing, which uses nets specially constructed to allow dolphins to escape but captures tuna.

The threat of pollution is one that must be tackled by more than simply the fishing industry, since the main contributors to oceanic pollution are often miles from the sea, just dumping the waste from their industry into the nearby river. That river carries the pollution out to sea, where it collects. That accumulating pollution is as big a threat to aquatic life on planet earth as anything else we have done, including fishing. If we want to continue enjoying our decadent meals of live lobster, if we want to continue to stop by the grocery store to pick up frozen seafood, we must ensure that our industries are watching out for the continued wellbeing of the oceans.